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Since 2006, Arkange has a strong expertise in data center infrastructure management. Our team mainly offers consulting services and integration of IT solutions. We are also a provider of VMware solutions.


Architecture of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions

Design and deployment of the VMware SDDC

Supporting your transformation projects

Architecture, Design and Deployment

  • Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

  • Automation tools and services

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • DevOps Pipelines

  • Hosting platforms

    • IaaS

    • PaaS

    • CaaS

    • Faas

    • SaaS

  • Hardware Solutions​

    • Hyperconverged

    • Composable

  • Virtualization​

    • Compute​

    • Network

    • Storage

    • Security



Montréal, QC, Canada